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BLN Affiliates Directory

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Rectangle Attention BLN AffiliatesPlease update your Affiliate contact information by clicking the button on the right. It is our goal to maintain current BLN profiles. Please update your BLN contact information as often as you need to so that the website reflects your BLN accurately.

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The Business Leadership Network (BLN) Affiliate is a local educational organization. Affiliates engage in networking discussions to increase their knowledge of community outreach, recruiting and interviewing, the accommodation process and barriers to employment. By participating in a business to business dialog, employers learn how to leverage their organizations for success. Being a part of the BLN sends a message to the community that the business is committed to including people with disabilities in the workforce.

For more information about our BLN Affiliate Network, please click the green map marker below closest to your area,or choose from the list of BLN Affiliate Networks below (organized by state). If you reside in an area outside our Affiliate Network, please contact Lynn Kirkbride, USBLN Director of Affiliate Relations, by email at or phone at (307) 631-0894 MST.

Alabama BLN California BLN Hartford BLN, Connecticut Delaware BLN D.C. Metro BLN South Florida BLN Greater Orlando BLN, Florida First Coast BLN, Florida Maui Hawaii BLN East Hawaii BLN West Hawaii BLN Silicon Valley BLN, California Chicagoland BLN, Illinois Indiana BLN Bloomington BLN Wabash Valley BLN INBLN North Central Chapter INBLN Cass County Chapter INBLN Howard County Chapter INBLN Kosciusko County Chapter Greater Kansas City BLN BLN of Sedgwick County, Kansas Louisiana BLN Eastern Shores BLN, Maryland Massachusetts BLN Maine BLN Minnesota BLN Greater St. Louis BLN New Jersey BLN New York BLN North Carolina BLN Ohio BLN Pennsylvania BLN Johnson, RI Greater Houston BLN, Texas Virginia BLN Washington State BLN Uinta County BLN, Wyoming Click Green BLN Marker for Contact Information

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Search our BLN Affiliates Network alphabetically by state for Affiliate contact information.

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