Become a BLN Affiliate

A local affiliate of the USBLN is a state or local not-for profit, tax exempt organization committed to advancing the mission of the USBLN, which seeks to advance disability inclusion within workplaces, marketplaces and supply chains within their designated territory. A local affiliate is a business-led, business to business educational organization often lead by a lead employer. Members engage in networking discussions to increase their knowledge of community outreach, recruiting and interviewing, the accommodation process and barriers to employment. By participating in a business to business dialog, employers learn how to leverage their organizations for success. Being a part of the BLN sends a message to the community that the business is committed to including people with disabilities in the workforce.

“I find being involved with the INBLN affiliate one of the most valuable and rewarding things that I do.  EY encourages our people to have a strong presence in local communities.  Working with the INBLN affiliate allows me to not only positively interact with EY clients who support diverse abilities in their workplaces, but also to meet leaders from other companies to learn more from them and share with them as they develop their own best practices when hiring and creating workplaces where people of diverse abilities can achieve career success.” 

Michelle Murray | WorkWell@EY Program Manager, Vice Chair of the INBLN

To become an affiliate there is a specific process that must be followed and requirements must be met if you are seeking to begin a local BLN and affiliation with the USBLN.

For information about this process, please contact Lynn Kirkbride, Director, Affiliate Relations.