Get Connected

What can you do to build relationships and get connected?

Once you are certified, you will be notified via email by the DSDP office. Each certified firm will also receive materials via email that they can print, to include a certificate and a letter that details specific steps that can be taken to utilize the certification to market to potential clients.

Get Engaged

Monthly Teleconferences

Connect with other suppliers and learn best practices with USBLN’s monthly DSDP Teleconference Series.

Business Scholarship Program

USBLN offers executive education scholarships to qualifying certified DOBE, SDV-DOBE and V-DOBEs suppliers.  The business executive scholarships are designed to strengthen management/ technical skills and help diverse suppliers grow their business capacity. USBLN is proud to partner with Tuck’s School of Business Executive Education Programs at Dartmouth.

Outreach and Project Bid Opportunities

Corporate partners provide information to USBLN on bidding opportunities and supplier outreach and networking events happening throughout the U.S.

Quarterly Spotlights

We spotlight a DOBE each quarter in our Biz2Biz newsletter.

Supplier Events

We encourage you to attend local networking events, and a must-attend is the annual USBLN National Conference and Biz2Biz Expo. This event will provide face-to-face interaction with top business leaders and corporate buyers and decision makers in corporate America, as well as other diverse suppliers.

USBLN Mentoring & Business Development Program

This program matches USBLN partner representatives with USBLN certified suppliers to help improve their skills, business process and management acumen. Learn more information here.

Webinar Series

This quarterly series educates our certified suppliers on specific topics which are important to their success.

State Procurement Opportunities

We currently have two initiatives open to all USBLN certified suppliers, one with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the other with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You do not have to be located in either state to participate in these opportunities.

To qualify and be approved by either program, suppliers certified by the USBLN, must agree to an opt-in process. If you are interested in qualifying for either state’s procurement opportunities, please contact Cami Turcotte.