August 20, 2012
USBLN® Issues Position Statement about Subminimum Wage for Workers with Disabilities

WASHINGTON, DC (August 20, 2012) – Last month our nation celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.) The promise of the ADA is equal opportunity for all, including in employment. Today, the USBLN® released a Position Statement addressing the Subminimum Wage for Workers with Disabilities issue. Currently, Section 14(c) of the Fair Standards Act (FLSA) allows the Secretary of Labor to grant special exceptions to minimum wage requirements for employers of people with disabilities. The USBLN® believes that it is not necessary to include for-profit employers in this exemption. Moreover, many USBLN® member companies have successfully taken proactive measures to successfully hire qualified workers, previously working in sub-minimum wage jobs, for competitive employment. [DOC | PDF]

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